Long Hellos & Short Goodbyes

by Towny

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Loaded 02:35
I woke up to a song by you you sang it in your sleep The sheep you're counting on all struck a chord with me So long Yeah, you've got me loaded Woke too late to tie my tie all tied up in your hair Just stared into your eyes some things you never share with me the things you need The weeds that overgrow they know to push the seeds back underneath the stone So long Yeah, you've got me loaded
U31 03:05
U31, Miss you a ton Sincerely yours, My brain when I'm bored I'm fried like the sun On U31 Sitting here alone Wasted again My mind fills with gout When I'm without U31 Time for some fun Time to make haste No time to waste I jumped the gun On U31 Can't wait to see you... Can't wait to see you... On U31, Can't wait to see you...
Bad Karma 02:06
She's got bad karma It seems to come right out of the blue She's a snake charmer She sure as hell had charmed mine too Intoxication is all that we do for fun Exacerbation is all that we've ever done
Blank stare Guess it's best for me to stay inside The calm before the storm's a waking nightmare Just sitting on receding tides Sunbeams Wake me up a quarter after three Ambitions turn to foggy minded pipe dreams Spacing out in apathy Space is all we seem to have these days But no where to go in the world Bombshell Someone's show and tell is up in flames Just don't go chasing phones and ringing doorbells Just stay cool and keep it tame Swan songs Coming at you at the speed of sound The only thing in here that I can count on Another resignation down Blank stare Guess it's best for me to stay inside The calm before the storm's a total nightmare Just sitting on receding tides
Insane! 02:58
She came in on a Monday night and shook her blue umbrella on my floor Yeah, the sunny days I don't get those anymore Don't you know that I'm insane for wanting you? When I know that all you do is make me blue? Yeah I was at your window late last night I threw some rocks up just to say hello Yeah, I cracked the glass And you weren't even home Don't you know that you're insane for wanting me? My footloose lack of inhibition's all you see I know that one day it'll get the best of me With my own hands dragging my feet Run and tell the Pharisees of Lazarus of Bethany Jesus wept and no one seemed to care Anyway... So don't you know that it's not sane to crucify me With your own hands tied at your feet
ADD 02:19
I had a happy dream filled with nicotine When I awoke to see the pack was empty And I ignored all the things I adored I guess I can't afford to pay attention But I don't care I just sit and stare Well I don't care I learned that life ain't fair I walked around the block where I was born and raised and everything it used to look so bigger the games we used to play and all the things we'd say to try to pass the days that kept us younger But I don't care I just sit and stare But I don't care Nobody makes it out alive
Chimes 00:42
Barren Aloha 01:51
Once, out on the shore Walking alone, I saw a man with a guitar sing He told me "Aloha's got me down" He made a fist and it went like this...
Reloaded 00:32
Passed out to a song by you you sang it endlessly Drank tea and laid around Fell gently into sleep So long Yeah, you've got me loaded
Wagon Jam 03:36


released February 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Towny Newport News, Virginia

Hey, thanks for listening! I only upload full albums here on Bandcamp, so you can check out that Soundcloud link below for more miscellaneous tracks and singles

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